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Responsibility allows us to do things completely and love allows us to do things better

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Every one of you, especially the ordinary faculty and staff, may sometimes feel that your role in this huge organization is really limited, like a drop of water in the ocean?But our whole earth is just a speck of dust in the universe;Each of us is like the sand in the Ganges, why should we come to this world?

In our life, family comes first, and work and career are the anchors of family stability。A good unit is the anchor of life。

You have been here through the spring, summer, autumn and winter, through the roads and paths, and you have changed this place, even though there is no trace in the sky and the geese have flown past。When one day, you leave school and return to a completely private space, you are not the first day you came to school to work, everything here, all the time, are carved in your heart sea, like a river, split by a giant reef and then confluence, it is still a river?When you have loved, hated, and tried, are you still the same?When you are old and frail and spend most of your days on the couch reminiscing, how will you shape your past here?To muddle along, or to work seriously and joyfully every day?

Anyway, the sun will rise in the morning, the darkness will take away the light in the evening, each day will pass, color or black and white, it is up to you。

When the first rays of sunlight open your curtains, you tell yourself that my day will be happy and interesting: I will finish my work and make it perfect。The moment I gently closed the office door, I returned home filled with joy。When the clock of midnight put out the bed light, and darkness enveloped me, I slept peacefully with a bright heart。Yes, there are as many people as the sands of the Ganges, but after all the vicissitudes, I hope this tiny grain of sand can remain pure as before。

(Peng Hongbin 20221020Sunday morning)