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The story of the award-winning teachers of the Vision Outstanding Teacher Million Award Fund for the 2022-2023 school year will be shown

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Three inches of chalk, three feet podium is national luck;A sweet heart, a lifetime of candles cast the soul of the people。On the occasion of the 39th Teachers' Day,In order to promote teachers' ethics,Create a good education atmosphere,The Teacher Teaching Development Center launched the special section of the "Vision Outstanding Teacher Million Award Fund" for the 2022-2023 school year,Through simple brushwork, emotional lens,Record their tireless spirit over the past year,Restore their courage to lead the tireless cultivation,Pay tribute to their noble feelings that let students have light in their eyes and have a road under their feet。From now on, through the school's official homepage, official wechat and other campus media platforms, we will continue to report the advanced deeds of 26 outstanding teachers who struggle in the front line of teaching in a special way。

Today, I would like to introduce to you the teachers who won the Vision Outstanding Teacher Million Award Fund for the 2022-2023 school year。

Vision Special Teacher: Chen Chunmei

A probate member of the Communist Party of China, lecturer, is now a teacher in the School of Communication Engineering, mainly responsible for "Basic Circuit Analysis", "Principle and Application of single-chip microcomputer", "Digital Circuit and Logic design" and other courses。Up to now, I have presided over 1 school-level teaching reform project, participated in 1 research project, published 3 papers, and applied for 2 patents。

Won the "First Prize" in the 2022 school-level Young Teachers' Teaching Competition (Science Group);Teaching Excellence Award in 2022;Shandong University students Electronic Design Competition - Integrated circuit design competition,Guide students to win the provincial first prize;The 14th Blue Bridge Cup-Shandong Embedded Design and Development Competition,Guide students to win the provincial second prize;2023 TI Cup National College Students Electronic Design Competition,Guide students to win the provincial second prize。

Education is not a grandiose talk, education is a kind of conscience watch。To adhere to a kind of ethics, only willing to be quiet, so far。

Vision Special Teacher: Song Xiaobo

Member of the Communist Party of China, lecturer/engineer, Director of Intelligent Manufacturing Teaching and Research Department of Intelligent Engineering College。In the 2022-2023 school year, he won the title of "Vision Special Grade Teacher" and "Vision Excellent Teacher" in the 2021-2022 school year,In 2021, won the third prize of school-level Young teachers' teaching competition;For many times, I have guided students to participate in the National College Students Advanced Mapping Competition, Shandong College Students Science and Technology Festival, National 3D Competition and other competitions,He won 2 national second prizes and 5 third prizes,One provincial grand prize, two first prizes and other awards;Presided over 1 school-level teaching reform project and participated in 3 research projects;Developing the freshman experience course "Talking about Robots";He published 5 scientific research papers and 4 teaching reform papers。From the teaching sentiment: tree people first tree have been a good example for students!

Vision Special Teacher: Liang Lihao

Lecturer, faculty of Architectural Engineering。In 2021, I guided students to participate in the "Swire Cup" BIM-CIM Competition and won the excellent instructor;Won the second prize of school-level ideological and political teaching competition twice;In the 2022-2023 academic year, the teachers of all different subjects were assessed as excellent。In 2023, he will host and participate in 3 municipal projects;Published 2 papers in the journal Science Innovation Technology and Interactive Software (Modern Education)。

As an educator, the education is a difficult journey, not only to have confidence, courage, but also perseverance, only wholehearted investment, sincere treatment, in order to truly achieve "teaching" and "educating" two schools。

Vision Special Teacher: Liu Hui

Female, Master degree, lecturer in Intelligent Engineering。Published 2 academic papers in Chinese core journals, 5 papers in other journals, 1 utility model patent, rich experience in engineering practice, participated in 1 municipal teaching reform project, presided over 1 school-level teaching reform project, won 2 awards in school-level teaching competitions, and guided students to win 2 awards in discipline competitions。

"Spring breeze to rain, the touch of stone into gold", teachers shoulder the mission of "preaching, teaching and solving doubts", I will always maintain the love of education, moral cultivation, dedication to learning, to be a good teacher with ideals and beliefs, moral sentiments, solid knowledge, and benevolence。