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The story of the award-winning teachers of the Vision Outstanding Teacher Million Award Fund for the 2022-2023 school year will be broadcast 2

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Three inches of chalk, three feet podium is national luck;A sweet heart, a lifetime of candles cast the soul of the people。On the occasion of the 39th Teachers' Day,In order to promote teachers' ethics,Create a good education atmosphere,The Teacher Teaching Development Center launched the special section of the "Vision Outstanding Teacher Million Award Fund" for the 2022-2023 school year,Through simple brushwork, emotional lens,Record their tireless spirit over the past year,Restore their courage to lead the tireless cultivation,Pay tribute to their noble feelings that let students have light in their eyes and have a road under their feet。From now on, through the school's official homepage, official wechat and other campus media platforms, we will continue to report the advanced deeds of 26 outstanding teachers who struggle in the front line of teaching in a special way。

Today, I would like to introduce to you the teachers who won the Vision Outstanding Teacher Million Award Fund for the 2022-2023 school year。

Vision Special Teacher: Zhang Li

Member of the Communist Party of China, Associate professor, Tai 'an social science expert, Director of the Teaching and Research Section of Marxism in China, Director of the teaching and research Section of Situation and Policy。

He presided over 10 projects at the bureau level and above, participated in more than 20 projects at the bureau level and above, published more than 10 academic articles, and participated in the compilation of 1 textbook。The Education Work Committee of the CPC Tai 'an Municipal Committee awarded the 2021 "Excellent Ideological and Political Teacher of Tai 'an School", "Excellent Communist Party Member", "Teaching and Educating Model", and "Excellent Teacher Volunteer" for epidemic prevention and control of Taishan University of Science and Technology.。

Teachers are teaching and educating people, I seriously prepare every lesson, scientifically and correctly answer every question raised by students, and strive to talk about every lesson。Combine "Confucian teacher" and "human teacher" to be the guide of students。

Vision Special Teacher: Cao Bingyu


Member of the Communist Party of China, Director of Enterprise Management teaching and research Department。Participated in 5 municipal key projects,School level teaching reform project 2,Presided over a school-level education reform project;Lead students to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship projects;Won the Teaching Excellence Award for the academic year 2021-2022,Won the honorary title of excellent instructor in a number of discipline competitions,Won the first prize of the teachers' group in the second National University Digital Intelligent Business Decision Innovation Competition;Guide students to participate in A number of national A-class discipline competitions,Won the national first prize and the National second prize,National third prize and other awards;"Live up to your time" business management studio instructor。

Education is not only to impart knowledge, but also to cultivate students' moral character, values and outlook on life;Grow together with students and become their mentor and friend on the road of life。

Vision Special Teacher: Wang Xiaoqi


Party member, lecturer。He is currently the director of the financial Accounting teaching and research Department of the Business School。Won the third prize of the 2022 Young Teachers Teaching Competition, won the "Teaching Excellence Award" in the annual assessment of the 2021-2022 academic year, led students to participate in the competition and won more than 10 times。He has published 4 papers and presided over and participated in more than 10 provincial, municipal and school-level projects。

As a teacher, I deeply feel that the mission is glorious and the responsibility is great, and I have always taken "serious and responsible" as my motto。The future will not forget the original heart and forge ahead。

Vision Special Teacher: Li Linyu

He graduated from Monash University, Australia, majoring in Accounting and finance. He graduated from Melbourne University, majoring in International Business and Beijing Foreign Studies University, majoring in English Education. He holds Cambridge TKT Certificate and NATTI Certificate III in English Translation and Chinese Translation。He has been responsible for the teaching and research of K12 subject English in several Internet education platforms。In the three years since I came to Tyco, I have won the second prize in the Basic Teaching Skills competition of the school, the second prize in the Curriculum Ideological and political teaching competition, and guided students to win national awards in foreign language competitions for many times。Participated in a school-level education reform project and a provincial education reform project。Where the heart goes, where the body goes, and finally where to return, no questions asked。

Vision Special Teacher: Hang Yingying

CPC member,postgraduate,Associate professor,Art major,Director of Digital Media Teaching and Research Department, College of Arts and Media,He published more than 10 professional academic papers during his tenure,Presided over five provincial projects,2 municipal projects,University level key project 1,Participated in the research of 6 provincial, municipal and university level projects;Guided students to participate in the Chinese College Student Computer Design Competition, the National College Student Advertising Art Competition and other discipline competitions won national awards,Won the title of excellent instructor;He has been awarded the vision backbone teacher and teaching excellence award for many times。Body is the model, to aesthetic education, education is a cause, to do it with heart, conscientious work, down-to-earth life, and students grow together。

Vision Special Teacher: Li Hao

Lecturer, General English Teacher, Master of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TESOL), University of Edinburgh, UK。In the academic year 2022-2023, I guided students to win the second prize and the third prize of the provincial English discipline competition once,Published 1 academic paper as the first author,One paper was published by the second author,The paper was presented at the GloCALL2023 Academic Conference and the 19th International Conference on Intelligent Language Teaching in 2023,Presided over a school-level project,Participated in 2 provincial projects。In the future work,I will continue to improve my professional quality,Strive to provide students with a richer and more interesting classroom,Teaching and learning, teaching and research combination,Constantly help students improve their foreign language level,Help them learn to understand foreign cultures and tell Chinese stories well,It is committed to cultivating students' international vision and feelings of home and country,Help students grow up healthier and happier。