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Taishan University of Science and Technology appeared on CCTV again

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On October 16, 2023, the Financial Channel of the China Media Group (CCTV2) aired the documentary "Tai Mountain", and the creation and rehearsal process of the original musical "Tai Mountain Song" by teachers and students of Taishan University of Science and Technology was wonderfully presented in the fifth episode of the documentary, "Can become its big", which attracted great attention。

Relying on the traditional culture of Mount Tai, the school actively arranges relevant artistic repertoire to enrich the channels of aesthetic education。The school interprets Mount Tai as a coordinate (geographical coordinate, cultural coordinate, emotional coordinate, psychological coordinate, national coordinate, etc.), tells the story between the external perspective and Mount Tai, and the international spread and influence of Mount Tai, thus explaining the ability of Mount Tai to become large and inclusive of all things。At the foot of Mount Taishan, how do the young "post-90s" of Mount Taishan Institute of Science and Technology show the story of the ancient Mount Taishan with the tide of youth。

In the documentary, the teachers and students of the Art Education Center of Taishan Institute of Science and Technology, relying on the ancient cultural heritage of Taishan, inspired the creation of modern musical, and conceived the creation and rehearsal of "Taishan Ballad"。The teachers and students use the most popular elements to create a strong local color of the work, the young students in their own most special way to enjoy the performance, to make a fashion style of a different kind of Tarzan。The creation and performance of the "Taishan Ballad" has revived the ancient Taishan。

In recent years, the school has implemented the fundamental task of "cultivating virtues and cultivating people", fully developed quality education, and built a high-quality education system of "four in one and two hospitals". Through the ultimate "perfect education", the school has cultivated new people with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, the United States and labor。As a non-professional college, it has set up an art education center with nearly 20 full-time teachers, who are fully responsible for the art practice and art education of the school, constantly helping students enrich their emotions, enlighten their minds and improve their personalities in the process of a large number of art practices, and are committed to becoming "the most artistic non-art university".。