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Party Committee theory study center group thematic study

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On the morning of October 24, the theoretical learning center group of the school Party Committee conducted thematic learning。Members of the school Party committee, members of the school leadership team who are not members of the Party committee, and party building work instructors participated in the study, and Party Secretary Peng Chunlei presided over the study。

Members of the Municipal Education Working Committee, members of the Party group of the Municipal Education Bureau, Qi Runquan, president of the Municipal Education Enrollment Examination Institute, and Jin Yuanchao, vice president of the Municipal education Enrollment Examination Institute, attended the meeting to guide。



彭春雷从把学习习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想作为首要政治任务、进一步健全学校基层党组织、进一步加强师德师风建设、切实做好学生思想政治工作等方面汇报了学校Party building work,The paper reports on the work of strict party governance in the school from the aspects of strengthening the political responsibility of strict party governance, promoting strict school governance with strict party governance, and focusing on training the builders and successors of the socialist cause。The ongoing progress of thematic education was reported。

Qi Runquan, on behalf of the Municipal Committee of education workers, fully affirmed the party building work of Taishan Institute of Science and Technology, the work of strict party governance, and the progress of theme education being carried out,At the same time, it points out that there are still weak links in these work,Guiding opinions are put forward for the next step of school party building work, strict party governance work and ongoing theme education。

On behalf of the school Party Committee, Peng Chunlei thanked the higher party organizations for their concern and support for the development of the school, and said that the school will further strengthen the construction of grass-roots party organizations, further consolidate the responsibility of strict party governance, earnestly complete the requirements of theme education, and promote the high-quality development of the school。