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Taishan Institute of Science and Technology 2023 air conditioning machine cleaning tender announcement

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In accordance with the relevant laws of government procurement and bidding of the People's Republic of China, Taishan Institute of Science and Technology is inviting qualified bidders to participate in the open bidding for 2023 air conditioning machine cleaning。

I. Project Overview:

(I) Project Number:

(2) Project name: 2023 air conditioning outside machine cleaning

(3) Bidding contents:

Project content and requirements: The school will carry out centralized cleaning and maintenance of the dormitory air conditioners in Phase 1 and Phase 2 (excluding indoor filter cleaning).,A total of 940 units,The buildings involved include Zhanyan Dormitory, Wuwen Dormitory, Jiuhe Dormitory and Dongyue A/B Dormitory,A total of five dormitory buildings 1-6 floors。

Service standard:

1, clean the surface of the air conditioner, no dust or dirt;

2, clean the air conditioner outside the heat sink, fan, fin, no dust or dirt;

3. All external drainpipes are connected to the specified downpipes;

4. Remove all debris and garbage generated inside the machine。


1. The bidding document requires that one and two pairs must be sealed separately in a file bag。

2, send the email must be marked clearly, need to press[Project number + project name + name of bidding manufacturer] format, any problems in the form of email feedback, feedback after the summary of unified reply in the form of email。

2. Qualified bidders:

(1) Having the status of an independent enterprise legal person and the corresponding business scope;

(2) Have credibility, strength, and similar project performance;

(3) with a fixed business site to provide good technical support and after-sales service;

(4) Having credibility, strength and similar contractual performance;

(5) The time of establishment of the supplier shall be at least one year;

(6) If the person in charge is the same person or there is a holding or management relationship between different suppliers, may not participate in the procurement activities under the same contract;

(7) Can issue VAT special ticket。

Iii. Information to be submitted for registration:

The bidder shall be qualified to bid only after the qualification examination materials provided by the pre-qualification examination group of the bid inviter are approved。Please provide the contents of the qualification examination in the following order, it is strictly prohibited to miss items (if one item is not written, please), each page needs to be stamped with official seal, pleaseSend in electronic form to34413368@qq.comAnd cc me, please fill in the email subject in the format of [project number + project name + bid manufacturer name], and note the contact person and phone number in the email。

(1) A copy of the business license of the enterprise legal person (one copy);

(2) The letter of authorization of the legal representative and the copy of the ID card of the authorized representative;

(3) similar contractual performance;

(4) Other relevant qualification documents。

Iv. Bidding registration Time:

Registration deadline: before 12:00, October 22, 2023

Tender deadline: Before 12:00 October 25, 2023

5. Contact information: Contact person郑刚

Contact number: 13792121532

Address: No.8 West Xueyuan Road, Shankou Town, Daiyue District, Tai 'an City, Shandong Province

Infrastructure Logistics Department

Postal Code: 271000