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Notice on holding the second General Literacy Competition of Yujin Lu · "Boya Cup"

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I. Purpose of the activity

General education, as an important part of the "four-in-one" talent training system of Taishan University of Science and Technology, cultivates students' general ability and core quality through the curriculum system and education platform with the unique values of understanding, rationality, perseverance and prosperity。In order to further implement the "student-centered" education concept,Use the initiative of the students,Cultivate students' transferability in thinking and practice,That is, focus on cultivating cross-border capacity,Ability to use critical thinking, systematic thinking, divergent thinking, creative thinking and other thinking,Let students enjoy learning in the experience,Play creativity in music。General Education Department of Taishan University of Science and Technology will hold Chongqing Jin Lu "Boya Cup" General literacy Competition, the relevant notice is as follows。

2. Activity theme

Yu Jin Lu · "Boya Cup" General literacy competition

3. The organizer

Taishan University of Science and Technology Chongqing Yitong College Jinzhong School of Information


General Education Department of Taishan University of Science and Technology Chongqing Transferong College General Education Department of Jinzhong Information College General Education Department


Yu-jin-lu Creative Writing Institute, Film Criticism Center, Science Fiction Institute, Vision Institute, Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Center


Wenyang Academy, Taishan University of Science and Technology, Qingshu Literature Society (Student Association), Chongqing Yitong College Liberal Arts Association (student association), Jinzhong College of Information Olympia Science Club, Zhengmengsi Debate Association (Student association)

Object of competition

Students at Taishan Institute of Science and Technology

Competition instructions

(1) Time arrangement

1.Entries received: November 15

2.Preliminary stage: November 20 - November 21

3.Final stage: November 23 - November 24

4.Live final: 29 November

5.Third school tournament: Dec. 6

(2) Basic process

The competition will be judged according to the following procedures:

1.Registration and submission of works

Registration: Students register independently and fill in the registration form。

Work submission: You can submit works closely related to the school's general studies courses, you can participate in the form of individuals or teams. The corresponding work submission requirements are shown in Annex I. The submission time is November 15th。

2.Preliminary stage

In the preliminary stage, the judges will conduct a preliminary evaluation of the entries in accordance with the scoring rules, and select the excellent works to enter the semifinal。


In the semifinal stage, the judges will score the works that enter the semifinal according to the scoring rules, and select the excellent works to enter the final。

4.Final stage

The final will be evaluated in the form of on-site presentation, general defense and expert review。

5.Three-school league

The three schools selected excellent works for competition。

6.Public recognition

According to the corresponding scoring rules, the winning individuals or teams are finally determined and commended。

(3) Submission of materials

Each participant or team shall pack the entries, electronic entry form and summary form into the file package and send them to the official email address tskjxybyb@163 with the format of "Work type + Work name".com, you can enter。Participants also join the QQ group (943984387) to receive relevant notifications。The paper application form will be submitted to the J1-214 office from 14:30 to 17:30 on November 15。

Award setting

At the same time, 10 outstanding instructor awards are set up, and prizes and certificates of honor are awarded to the winning teachers。The winning works will be pushed on the "Taishan General Knowledge" public account and related platforms of the school。

And other precautions

1.Entries must be independently created by the participating team. Entries that have won awards in other competitions will not be re-evaluated. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited。

2.The Organizing committee reserves the right of final interpretation of all the above rules and regulations. If you have any questions, please send an email to。


Annex I: Submission requirements for various types of works

Annex 2: "Liberal Arts Cup" General Literacy Competition registration form

Annex 3: Summary of works of "Boyah Cup" General Literacy Competition

Department of General Education, Taishan University of Science and Technology

October 22, 2003