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The competition and teaching are in harmony, and the torch is passed on from generation to generation -- The 2023 Quenching Business School young Teachers Teaching Competition was successfully concluded

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In order to implement the requirements of Taishan Institute of Science and Technology on the holding of Taishan Institute of Science and Technology 2023 Young Teacher Competition Notice,Deepen education and teaching reform,Stimulate educational innovation,Improve the basic teaching ability of young teachers,Improve teaching quality,Promote the spirit of education,Quench Business School will teach Room 310 in 3 on October 11, 2023,The 2023 Teaching Competition for Young Teachers was successfully held。The competition was presided over by Wang Xiaoqi, director of the Financial Accounting Teaching and Research Department of Yilian Business School, 7 experts served as judges, 16 young teachers participated, and all teachers of Yilian Business School watched and learned。

The Business school attaches great importance to this teaching competition, and has held several preparatory meetings to mobilize all teachers to actively participate。In the teaching competition, the participating teachers gave vivid explanations, combined with blackboard writing and exquisite PPT, and transformed abstract theories into simple ones。"One minute on the stage, ten years of success under the stage", the wonderful performance of the participating teachers showed the spiritual outlook, teaching attitude and the teaching skills formed under careful polishing of our young teachers。From educational games that stimulate students' interest to profound explanations that stimulate their thinking, the participating teachers have fully integrated innovative educational methods, interactive learning and practical application in their teaching。The teaching competition process was wonderful。

In view of the excellent performance of the participating teachers, Professor Liu Wenjing made comments on teaching design, teaching content, teaching methods, teaching characteristics and other aspects, and fully affirmed the advantages and potential of young teachers in the teaching process, pointed out shortcomings and put forward feasible suggestions to help young teachers make progress。At the same time, through watching and learning, young teachers also found their own shortcomings in the teaching process, and found solutions from the judges' comments。

Education is the key to social development, and young teachers are an important force in education reform。Teaching competition for young teachers not only provides a stage for young teachers to show, but also promotes educational innovation and knowledge sharing。In the future, the Business School will continue to strive to improve the quality of education and promote education reform, and strive to build a team of high-quality teachers with noble ethics and exquisite business。

Contribution: Quenching Business School

Written by Yin Hezhen

Photography is by Wang Xiaoqi