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Gather strength, "prepare" wonderful - The Teaching and Research Department of Marxism in China launched new teachers sharing and collective lesson preparation activities

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In order to further improve the teaching quality of ideological and political teachers, give full play to the collective wisdom of teachers, create an efficient classroom, and create a good teaching and research atmosphere, the Teaching and Research Office of Marxism in China launched a new teacher sharing and collective lesson preparation activity at J3-211 on the afternoon of October 13。

At the meeting, six new teachers from the Teaching and Research Office shared their feelings and gains after entering the office。In response to the confusion raised by the new teachers in the teaching process, the participating teachers answered one by one and shared their teaching experience。We believe that it is necessary to understand students through various channels such as QQ group and wechat group, find out the confusion of students, form accurate, heuristic and targeted teaching methods, solve doubts and doubts for students, improve the "head up rate" of the classroom, and make the teaching content truly "into the mind".。

Zhang Li, the head of the teaching and research Department, affirmed the growth of the six new teachers, and stressed that as the guide of students' ideological cognition, they should constantly improve and improve themselves, be able to sink their hearts and dive down, and promote the growth and progress of students。

The collective lesson preparation meeting has built a platform for teachers in the teaching and research office to learn from each other, learn from each other, learn from each other and make progress together. The teaching and Research Office of Marxism in China will adhere to the collective lesson preparation in order to unite forces, consolidate the foundation of teaching and research, improve the effectiveness of the classroom, so that every lesson is "prepared" and "prepared"。

New teacher perception:

From excitement, tension, anxiety to gradually calm, looking back through this road, I have solid teaching basic skills, but also in this process, the harvest of standing on the three-foot platform confidence。I am well aware that these achievements have also been achieved thanks to the diligent training of school leaders and the help of colleagues。In the future teaching road, I will continue to learn from excellent teachers, solid knowledge foundation, improve teaching ability, always remind myself: to be a good teacher, do a good "big Mr."。


I am very glad that I gradually learned to carry out teaching in an orderly manner in the busy work, and stood more and more stable on the three-foot platform。I also know that this is due to the help of college leaders and teachers, and thanks to the strong support and active cooperation of all students for my work。When a warm picture is projected in my mind, the word "gratitude" fills my heart。Education is a bittersweet practice, I will be grateful, do not forget the original heart, forge ahead, with the passion for education to continue teaching, educating people, with colleagues and students to go to the distance, chasing stars, become stars, in order to live up to the warmth and love encountered along the way。

-- Wei Xiaoling

I have a sense of transition from student to teacher, which is inseparable from the help of the faculty of the college。How to be a qualified teacher, I am still exploring and learning。In my opinion,首先,Be in a good emotional state,Be passionate about the classroom;second,Get ready for class,Make more efforts in the preparation of lessons;finally,Have a strong sense of responsibility,We bear the heavy responsibility of cultivating talents for the society and the country,It is the leader of students' learning cultural knowledge,It is also an urge to cultivate students' moral sense and social sense。In the future work and practice, I will continue to work hard to maintain the original intention and mission as a people's teacher。

-- Zhang Dongxue

In the teaching work, I have a more comprehensive and profound understanding of the profession of teachers。Teachers are the carriers of culture。"Teachers, so preach, teach, dispel doubts also", teaching is the professional characteristics of teachers。Teachers should abide by their duties, do a good job of imparting students' knowledge, and set a good example for students。A high school is a teacher, and a good body is a good example。In the future teaching work, I will better improve myself, improve myself, and do a good job as a people's teacher。


With the help of college leaders and colleagues, I have gradually adapted from the initial tension to the present, and gradually stood on the platform. I am grateful for the help of teachers。In the future work, I will prepare every class more carefully, consult excellent teachers more, constantly improve myself, stand firm, and stand on the platform。

-- Wang Jingjing and Wang Huanhuan

Contribution from the Institute of Marxism