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Group Film Review Virtual Teaching and Research Office conference | Teaching experience sharing and question exchange in giant screen hall

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To explore the positive influence of field space on traditional classroom,Use the campus film giant screen venue to stimulate classroom interest perception,To create a better film course education effect,The afternoon of October 18, 2023,The teachers' representatives from the Virtual Teaching and Research Section of Film Review Group gathered in Jinzhong Information College to share teaching experience and exchange questions about the giant screen classroom online and offline。

Since September,Teachers from the Film Criticism Center of Chongqing Yitong College took the lead in leading the students into Wanhua Cinema to teach the giant screen class,In the special field of the theater,The teachers deeply integrate the movie screen with the teaching,Exploring the new "From Novel to Film" teaching mode,The students also feel the most real power of film in the teaching interaction facing the big screen。

Li Dongmei, a teacher from the Film Criticism Center of Chongqing Yitong College, first shared her experience in the giant screen classroom。Mr. Li mentioned that before class, it is necessary to think of and solve the problems of equipment debugging of teachers, coordination and communication with other departments about the venue and the seating arrangement of students。Secondly, the course arrangement of the giant screen classroom can be adjusted slightly according to the special nature of the venue。Ms. Li took the film "Arrival" she taught as an example. Science fiction films are more suitable for teaching in a large-screen classroom, which can bring students a higher sensory experience。

Next, Teacher Li also put forward the confusion and thinking about how to make a good giant screen classroom in the teaching process。Wu Anuo, Guo Huiyang and other teachers from the Film Criticism Center of Chongqing Yitong College shared their teaching experience in the giant screen classroom。

For example, movies that students are not so interested in in normal classes can be taught in the large-screen class,It could be a classic movie in the history of cinema,Or avant-garde movies,Students will have many ways of interpreting and will gain better results in class,Teachers can try to put more kinds of movies into the big screen hall for teaching lessons。Some teachers also mentioned the problem of class rules in the giant screen hall, and we should emphasize good rules with students before class。Peng Ke mentioned that students usually enter the movie space as consumers, but this time they participate in the classroom in a new way, and it is necessary to establish rules that are more applicable to the teaching classroom of the giant screen hall。

besides,Some teachers also mentioned how teachers and students could communicate better after the change of the teaching field,The teachers of the three schools also carried out detailed exchanges and discussions,Including the teacher should go to the middle of the students to communicate with the students and pay attention to the preparation of hardware equipment such as microphones and laptops in the class process。

Through the meeting of the Group's virtual Teaching and Research Room of Film Criticism and the experience sharing of the large-screen classroom, the teachers and students of the film criticism Center of the three schools and four districts jointly explored the value and significance of the film. I believe that with the continuous exploration of the teachers and the continuous efforts of the students, the teaching of the large-screen classroom will show the value of birth and life。

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