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[Intelligent Leadership Style] The academic style Evaluation Action of Intelligent Engineering College 45th

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In order to solidly promote the construction of the school of Intelligent Engineering, improve students' attention to the classroom, and improve the attendance and learning efficiency of intelligent students,20231011On Sunday, all the counselors of the Intelligent Engineering College went into the classroom to carry out the classroom inspection work of the study style construction in the sixth week of this semester。

The counselor communicates with the teachers carefully to ensure the effectiveness and authenticity of the lessons and to really understand the real state of the students in the classroom。This week study style construction classroom inspection activities, on Mechatronics (specialized)23-1, Mechatronics (specialized)23-2Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation (specialized)23-4, Mechatronics Technology (specialized)23-3, electrical automation technology (specialized)23-4, Mechatronics Technology (specialized)23-4Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation (higher education)23-27Each class was inspected, and the specific results were as follows:

According to the inspection situation, the evaluation is as follows;

1st Place: Mechatronics (Specialized)23-2, Mechatronics Technology (specialized)23-4Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation (higher education)23-2

2nd Place: Mechatronics (Specialized)23-1, electrical automation technology (specialized)23-4

No. 3: Machinery Manufacturing and Automation (Specialized)23-4, Mechatronics Technology (specialized)23-3

After evaluation,23Level mechatronics2Class, mechatronics integration4班和23The class attendance rate is good,23There is very little absenteeism in the remaining professional classes。In this regard, the counselor has carried out ideological education for the corresponding students。The style of study refers to the school's learning atmosphere, which is the students' attitude and behavior towards learning。Learning is to have the right to choose in the future, choose a meaningful and time work, so students should cherish the opportunity to learn, cultivate a good style of study, broaden their horizons through reading, and constantly improve themselves out of a good road。

Written by: Zhang Rich and beautiful

Photography is by Li Xuejiao Zhou Yancui

Contributed by: School of Intelligent Engineering