School logo

Sign interpretation

  The logo of the school is composed of two parts, the outer part is the college's Chinese and English standardized name, and the interior is a combination of graphics。
  The main picture in the combined figure is evolved from the word "mountain" in "Taishan", and adopts the combination of triangular elements, which has the characteristics of stability and firmness, and has distinct geographical characteristics。The modern graphics are vigorous and positive, which means the attitude and vitality of infinite upward。
  The auxiliary lines in the composite figure are derived from the Shiwen River (a tributary of the Dawen River) east of the school。Dawen River, known as Wenshui in ancient times。The Dawen River is the only tributary of the Yellow River in Shandong and the largest river in Tai 'an City.。The four horizontal lines imply the school's solid and solid educational foundation, highlighting the school's four-in-one talent training system - business education + complete education + general education + professional education。More meaning of the generous land of Qilu, the profound cultural heritage, the concept of the generation of wise men through the ages, the number 2004 represents the year of the school。
  The three mutually dependent triangular patterns imply the characteristics of the school - the academy system (dual system) model, cultivating the "home" culture of the academy, striving to create a first-class "first community, second home, third classroom" for the school students, constantly improving the leadership of students, and creating a caring, emotional and interesting academy environment。
  The overall meaning of the school emblem:
  Taishan Institute of Science and Technology is based on the splendid Chinese civilization in the Yellow River Valley,Continuous innovation and sublimation,"Knowledge", "benevolence" and "courage" should be attached equal importance,Combine modern educational ideas,Escort for the growth and success of students,Cultivate high-quality applied talents with an international perspective, tolerance of diverse cultures;Training to adapt to social needs,A leader of the backbone of society with professional skills。It is committed to building a first-class independent college and serving the rise of China's information industry business school。